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Custom Web Design Questionnaire

The following questions are designed to enhance communication between and both current and potential clients. By completing this form you will be providing the necessary information required to begin the process of designing and developing your website. does not sell or trade your information.
Who will your website be designed for? For example who is your customer base or target audience?
What adjectives would you use to describe your company:
Please list any slogans or catch-phrases your business uses.
Do you wish for your web site to reflect the look and feel of your marketing literature, or something completely different? (Please provide samples of marketing materials if staying with the same look and feel.)
Remain the same Completely different
The following request is an important part of helping us determine your design style. Please list at least 3 high quality websites that you like the design of. These do not necessarily need to be your competitor's business websites.

What style of design are you looking for (e.g. high-tech, conservative, warm, flashy, etc.)?
Is there a specific color scheme for your business or organization?
Do you have a logo, specific font style or other images that will incorporated on the website? Please provide font name, and all graphics in a digital format when possible.
If you have an existing website what is the web address?
Are there any other comments/specific ideas we should keep in mind while designing your project?
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